Chemistry live function band

I wanted to write up a little review on an amazing function band I had the privilege of catching the other day. I love to go to live music events, there’s something so much more exhilarating about the live sound that you never fully get from a studio CD.

I enjoy all sorts from small park events and venues to stadiums and festivals I just love live music!
I must admit however I usually prefer original music to a load of function bands just covering other bands and trying to get their ‘sound’ but the other day at my cousins wedding I caught a function band that just blew my mind – Chemistry.

When my cousin mentioned they’d booked a function band because they knew one of the band members I was a little apprehensive but as soon as they launched into the first song it was all blown away as they sounded, performed and looked great!

These guys were incredible, highly professional and so tight as a band. They clearly put a lot of time in to practice and to think about the set list – they were so comfortable on stage and with the audience keeping us all at ease within an awesome party atmosphere. I’m happy to admit these guys changed my whole mind set towards function bands they were perfect for the evening party!

Have a look at their website for more information and for something more of what they sound like:

I would definitely recommend them for any event, wedding, party or charity gig, they were so professional and kept the crowd entertained and dancing all night long! Fantastic work, that band again is Chemistry!