Hire the right function band

The dress is ordered, the venue is booked, the caterers are hired, all you need now is the perfect music for the evening party! But how do you find the right function band or party band that will best suite your needs?

Just type in ‘function band‘ into google and literally thousands of bands across the country are listed all claiming to be the UK’s premier party band or the best party band ever seen! It’s hard to know where to turn, here’s a few things to think about when searching for the right band for you:

Have you seen the band perform before? Most people hire function bands that they have seen before at other weddings or functions, this way you’ve seen what you’re hiring. However, most good function bands do play some showcase gigs in public venues. When enquiring about booking a function band, make sure you hear their demo CD. It’s easy for a band to sound good on a studio recording but bands should also be able to provide live track recordings on either their website or demo.

Have you checked their website? Most of the clues to a good band are in the website. The photos of the band give a good indication to whether they will be professional and how they dress. Business for function bands relies on good feedback therefore request to see those references! It’s very important to know what music your band plays so also on the website there should be a song or repertoire list.

Have you got a signed agreement with the band? It is very important that you have a contract with the band you are hiring for both your benefit and the bands. Make sure you read the contract carefully to check there are no hidden clauses about cancellations, etc. Professional function bands usually ask for around a 20% non refundable deposit to be sent when you confirm the date of your event.

Try an entertainment agency? There’s hundreds of great agencies out there with huge band listings with acts they believe in and know they can trust. Search for a local agency that cater for the type of event you’re putting on, that way you can contact them directly and work together to find the perfect band.