Looking after your function band

Music can set the mood and vibe for any event and  making sure you have the right function band is a great start to making your evening go with a swing. To get the most from your band it also helps to look after them to ensure your  guests have a night to remember.  We’ve put together some ideas to help the whole night run smoothly and make sure you get the most for your money.

Here’s our top 5:

Who wants to work on an empty stomach?

Most professional entertainers/bands spend a lot of time on the road and when they reach the venue their first job is setting up equipment. Don’t forget to give them a proper meal at some point (not just snacks).

Set aside a good area for your entertainers to dine in.

Keep them together and give them ample time to relax and chitchat amongst themselves. If you treat them well, they will respond accordingly and give a good performance.

Provide a good place for your entertainers to change and prepare.

Musicians will often show up in casual attire and change into their show clothes at the venue. Don’t let your wedding entertainers change in the toilet, it’s uncomfortable, impractical and in bad taste.

Keep a good supply of soft drinks and water.

A lot of bands will probably bring water with them, but the kind gesture of leaving a couple of bottles of liquid to sooth their tired throats will go a long way.

Communication is the key.

Any performer will expect timings and schedules to change on the night and In the hustle and bustle of the wedding important details may be overlooked. It may help to assign an important person to liaise with the band throughout the night making sure all parties are aware of any changes.

We hope this information will help you as you plan your special event. For future reference Afterdark Entertainments is an entertainment agency with some of the top function bands in the UK.