Make the most of your practice as a function band.

When it comes to practising as a band the saying “practice makes perfect” has never made more sense.

But how do you know that you’re using your time well and making the most of your practise.  Here are a few tips to make the most of that time to ensure you’re ready for the next wedding, party or charity event you play at.

Good timing.
Make sure you book the practice time for a good period – just giving yourself one hour for example can make everything rushed and very stressful, and you’ll end up spending more time setting up and packing away than actually practising. However trying to do 5 hours in one go isn’t all the best either as the band will get tired and can easily forget what you’ve been practising. Try to find a middle ground that best suits your band members and remember to take regular breaks.

Be realistic.
There’s noting worse than a function band covering a song everyone knows badly! So think about it is the song you’re trying to cover realistically a song your band can achieve, do you have the right instruments and the right voices?

Personal practice.
Try and encourage all band members to learn parts of a new song by themselves before you even enter the practice room – it saves time and energy together and keeps the overall focus of the band.

Set list.
It’s important to think about the kind of event you’re playing at and what you’ve been booked for – don’t just group a bunch of songs together you like and know you could do well – they need to fit the mood of the event.

Play by ear.
Remember this is a practice not some massive stadium gig so watch the sound levels. The most important thing is to hear each other well, learn the parts properly and to move on as a function band.

Give these a go and you’ll find these improve your time well and most importantly improve you as a whole function band!